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Panoramic Photographers Manchester

David Burrows photography offers specialist panoramic photographs of exteriors or interiors suitable for corporate art and promotional uses.

He can produce high quality, original panoramas of the countryside, urban landscapes, factories and showrooms, hotels interiors and exteriors and more.

Panoramic shots are required when the view is too wide to be captured in a single shot.  If the desired scene is too wide, a panoramic photographer like David Burrows will take multiple, high resolution photographs which can be stitched together to create a stunning panoramic image which can be printed at any size – from brochure covers to full wall murals.

As part of the Commercial Photographers Network, David was commissioned by NatWest Bank (RBS) to create panoramic images of over 70 provisional towns.  The final images can be seen as blow-ups installed behind ATM machines during a branch refit programme.


Once a brief has been agreed, David Burrows Photography charges a flat rate pre-negotiated fee with no hidden extras which includes travel expenses, (if applicable), time spent on the shoot, post production, editing, and DVD burning.