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Exterior Architectural Photographers Manchester

Exterior architectural photography requires attention to detail, planning and experience.

Before shooting begins, David works with the client to establish key details, such as the most important features of the building, any health and safety considerations and access restrictions.  This allows him to plan every detail of the shoot in advance, reducing the amount of on-site time required, and minimising any disruptions.

David provides a specialist architectural and construction photography service for architects, designers and developers across the UK, working closely with clients to fully understand their requirements, and produce the best possible images.  After the shoot, David will spend time individually editing and retouching the images to ensure that any perspectives are corrected, and unwanted objects are removed.


Once a brief has been agreed, David Burrows Photography charges a flat rate pre-negotiated fee with no hidden extras which includes travel expenses, (if applicable), time spent on the shoot, post production, editing, and DVD burning.