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Aerial Mast Photography Manchester

Aerial photography is taken from a height by a plane, drone or helicopter.  Elevated photography is ground based and involves the use of telescopic masts.

Mast photography can be used in areas where drones and helicopters cannot go.  They can also be used in large interior environments, such as retail interiors, trade fairs, conferences and car showrooms to provide an excellent viewpoint that others may never be able to see.

David Burrows offers aerial mast photography with portable, telescopic masts that reach up to 26 feet high, offering a completely different perspective on any shoot.  By using a sophisticated, ground based aerial photography system, David can produce consistently high quality, high impact photography quickly and effectively from any location.

Aerial Mast photography can also be used in situations where there is safety, environmental or access issues to consider. This can include public footpaths or other areas that are difficult to reach with a vehicle, environmentally sensitive areas where access damage must be kept to the minimum and large interiors where public safety would prevent the use of drones.

Aerial Mast photography can provide single images, show you a choice of aspects or even deliver 360 degree panoramic images. It’s a popular choice among estate agents, construction firms, and event organisers.


Once a brief has been agreed, David Burrows Photography charges a flat rate pre-negotiated fee with no hidden extras which includes travel expenses, (if applicable), time spent on the shoot, post production, editing, and DVD burning.