Aerial Mast Photography, Manchester. Give your marketing pictures altitude!


It often only takes a little height to make a big difference when it comes to creating dynamic and creative images. Make your marketing literature stand head and shoulders above the competition.

The camera used on top of the mast, is a full-size DSLR outputting high resolution files suitable for any application. This is controlled via a Wi-Fi link to a mobile phone or tablet so that what the camera sees can be seen on the ground by the operator and of course all the camera’s functions including focusing are controlled via this Wi-Fi connection.

Portable mast photography overcomes the inflexibility that masts permanently attached to vehicles have especially when access is restricted or limited.

I have used system with its small footprint in many locations, such as on rooftops, inside warehouses and factories, trade fairs and exhibitions, inside buildings, and streets.

The system comes into its own when the building all subject to be photographed is in a no-fly zone where a drone operator is not permitted to fly, such as in a congested or built-up area. The mast can be put up and used in less time that it would take a drone operator to safely take off and land.

Clients commission mast photography to photograph buildings, industrial and retail parks, restaurant interiors, flooring, cladding, car showrooms, trade fairs, new housing developments etc.


Give me a call if you would like to discuss if your project is right for mast photography – let me raise your expectations!

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